Saturday, September 26, 2009

aRt FoR gRaB 0909@Goreng Pisang!

3 seringgit! ~mari mari, pisang goreng ! ubi kayu..



面粉酱& 香蕉未成熟

For sale.

Available at Art For Grab event, Central Market Pasar Seni ,September 26 & 27.


Jocelyn Teo said...

Hi I'm from Singapore, and really wanted to head down to KL for the Art For Grab event but it was too rushed. :( Can I know when would there be a similar event like this again?

by the way i'm so craving for pisang goreng now!!

Luna said...

hi, jocelyn,
welcome to my blog.i heard that the art for garb event will organize again on december, before x'mas..