Monday, August 16, 2010

第2次的袖珍娃娃屋网上比赛~开始接受报名! 2nd Dollhouse competition open for registration!




参加资格:所有对娃娃屋制作有兴趣的人,尤其是全马各地新加入会员们,欢迎加入制作娃娃屋~ (不是会员也可以参与,加不加入会员是optional) 新手也欢迎!不要给自己太大压力,尝试看看!

主题:菜市场 pasar Tani(由Tako提议)

Size: A4 Size 的一半 (21 cm X 15 cm).物品当然越迷你越好。材 料 不 拘, 越 多 样 化 越 好,最好有环保的再循环东西在里面,比如朔胶,或纸张。。

使用材料: 不拘,自由发挥。



作品提交方式:作 品 必 须 有 前 面, 左 右, 及 各 个 角 度 的 特 写 照 片 , 要 有 一 张 与 尺 的 合 照,请附加一段简 单 的 绍 自 己 的 娃 娃 屋 的 概 念, 材 料, 等 等 的 短 文。请发电邮到,编辑过后会立刻安排投票。

2: 裁判评分和给与意见 (裁判阵容:Tako, laimun, Meiwei,淡淡 和 Luna共5人)




2nd Doll House competition! Welcome to participate!Please spread the news out! ~

Eligibility: Anybody, regardless which country you from, especially new members in DMAOM.(Membership is Optional) anyone that loves miniatures!
Leave your details (blog,name,email) here to register :)

Theme: Pasar Tani (proposed by Tako)
Size: half A4 Size ( 21cm X 15cm), we encourage contestant to use their creativity on material choices,usage of reusable stuffs, methods of making and so on, the more the merrier.

Application Deadline: 31/08/2010
*If the participants are less than 10 people, the competition will automatically canceled.

submission date: 15/10/2010 (We are sorry strictly no late submission , just to be fair ;)

how to submit : Each contestant needs to submit photos of your work, front, left and right view, close up snaps from different angles, things you like to highlight, and a photo of your work with a ruler . Also please include a brief descriptions about your work, concepts, materials use and so on.
Send your work to
We will arrange and open for voting after the deadline:)

Judgement 1: open for online voting

2:Evaluate and scores from judges (judges : Tako, laimun, dan dan ,Meiwei, and Luna )
There will be three winners

Each participants will get the prizes show as above, like crafts materials, handmade work from the judges, nothing pricy nor valuable, but we do hope you enjoy the game:)

(please inform the Luna if anyone want to sponsor)